OPFOR & defence ready role players are trained in the following;

Visual recognition and comprehension of military ranks and hierarchical structure

Military terminology and common acronyms

Military culture and conduct when operating on defence property

Firearm handling and safety

Off-road driver training

Specific role-play focusing on KLEs, insurgent, foreign nationals and host nation organisations

In depth interviewing and questioning techniques

Escalation of force (role-player response only)

Basic field craft

and more…


Virtus Training Group are uncompromising when it comes to safety.  VTG will work with your staff to develop robust safety plans prior to training. We are familiar with current Occupational Health & Safety provisions as well as Work safe reporting. Prior to our role-plays, we will provide a training plan that will outline assessed risk, our safety procedures, limitations and expectations so that in the event of any safety issues we can effectively coordinate alongside your own health and safety staff.


All staff are vetted during their initial recruitment and subsequently by a third party vetting agency. In addition, our staff are required to sign non-disclosure agreements and receive training in information handling. Discretion is one of our most important operational values, our role players and staff are not permitted to discuss any details of our role-plays, clients or activities with anyone outside of their immediate contract. If you would prefer our staff to hold government vetting, we can facilitate this request.


To ensure the right quality and staff are available we ask for a minimum of 30 days’ notice when booking our defence ready role-players. General roleplaying is a shorter timeframe – please enquire for further details.

Role Players

The VTG Role player is unique.

Carefully selected and trained to our comprehensive standards, expect an experience far exceeding your traditional training.

Sourced from all walks of life, cultures, ages & races our diverse pool of experience enables us to deliver on your training objectives accurately.

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