Role Playing Planning Process

With such a range of potential clients, VTG will operate within compartmentalised sections.

Tier One clients will be provided with a single consultant who will work closely with client training staff to produce a specialist training plan. All staff involved in Tier One training operations will have been thoroughly vetted before being exposed to classified or proprietary information.

Tier Two and Three clients will be provided with consultants and/or instructors to produce a specialist training plan. All information will be kept confidential and held securely on VTG servers. 

 For all Tiers, once the training plan has been approved by the client, there will be a set period of instructor training and preparation. This can range from days through to complete months depending on the requirements

Human Interaction

Human interaction is something we all do in daily life, whether it’s talking with family and friends or the people we buy our coffee from. But there are times that require extra care when interacting with other humans – during meetings, liaison roles, working with informants or traveling in hostile environments. If we do not possess the right skills, we can miss vital information or make a situation go from bad to worse.

How can we improve something that we have been doing from the day we were born?

By applying proven techniques, we can quickly improve many fundamentals that often hinder information-gathering or dealing with high stress situations.

VTG teaches proven techniques across four distinct services that can greatly improve current in-house processes.


Using well trained role-players to create realism in training enhancing scenario-based training and or assessments. 

Interactive Relations Training

Providing a full range on interactive skills such as conducting effective questioning techniques, negotiation skills, de-escalation training and using interpreters. 

Hostile Environment Awareness

Teaching critical life saving skills that can aid survival in hostage situations and hostile environments. 

Specialised government and military training 

Exclusive bespoke training solutions for high risk individuals. 

This carefully selected range of services will permit organisations the flexibility to supplement,
or totally replace existing in-house processes.

Outsourcing your training to specialists like VTG, will facilitate consistency in training, increase skills and learning opportunities while reducing your organisations administration allowing you yo to focus on your other business goals.