Role Player Scenarios

Our VTG Role player model is unique.

Carefully selected and specially trained, this is an experience like no other.

Already have Role players? No problem! We can author & prepare your paperwork for you.

Security Operations

Nothing is more valuable than experience.

See how your team or unit handle a realistic security threat made to your specifications.

Multiple-days & locations recommended.
Pre-booking & a reasonable preparation time are essential!

Traffic Management

Put your team to the test with a simulated road or traffic incident.

Complete with realistic props and training aids, assess your candidates as they manage injured & hysterical victims, on lookers and existing traffic conditions.

For a successful scenario, booking & a reasonable lead time is essential.

Executive Scenarios

Because first impressions last.

A poorly pitched proposal by a nervous representative can spell
disaster for a new contract.

Don’t risk a potential opportunity;
get your managers ready and able to seal the deal.

The Interview

This could be the big one.

Get ready for it with a hard-hitting, thorough interview simulation. A great follow up to the Interview courses or workshops, see how to implement that knowledge here. Fantastic preparation for live TV, court or radio interviews.

Town Meeting

The only way to prepare for a public forum is with a public forum.

Expect the most common issues including crowd control,
irate citizens, interruptions, delays and complications.

Expect thorough preparation and relevant questioning from our
uniquely trained Role players.

Your Security

We understand the sensitivity of information and will ensure your privacy is respected at all times.
A number of measures have been implemented to protect you & your staff.
If you wish to discuss this further, please make contact.

Mystery Guest

Get a feel for the room.

Allow our mystery guest to mingle, and discreetly interview and assess how your event is received. We can attend meetings, functions, interviews – you name it. This is information of a quality you simply cannot otherwise obtain,
and your guests need never know we were there.

Organised Protest

A realistic protest based on prescribed parameters & background research.

Our VTG role players are trained to react and respond as an actual protestor would, complete with props and additional learning aids. Designed to work with you, expect a relevant & effective protest for your team to try their skills on.