Recruiting Role Players Now!

Ever wanted to know what it’s like to be someone else?

Are you from a foreign country and speak fluent English?

Do you want to learn essential life skills while training for an exciting job?

If you answered yes to any of the above then a job as a Virtus Training Group Specialist Instructor might be for you.

Virtus Training Group Ltd is a seeking interested people from all walks of life, regardless of race, gender or appearance to apply for our exciting and unique, casual employment opportunities as a Specialist Instructor.

About VTG

Virtus Training Group are uncompromising when it comes to safety.  VTG will work with your staff to develop robust safety plans prior to training. We are familiar with current Occupational Health & Safety provisions as well as work safe reporting. Prior to our role-plays, we will provide a training plan that will outline assessed risk, our safety procedures, limitations and expectations so that in the event of any safety issues we can effectively coordinate alongside your own health and safety staff.

What is a Specialist Instructor?

A VTG Specialist Instructor is a highly trained role-player that not only portrays an entity, but is taught the skills to teach alongside other company experts in the unique field of human interaction.

Our instructors have one of the most dynamic jobs available. One day, they could be an angry customer, the next they are spying for a fictional country. There is no limit to the possibilities.

By applying to become an instructor, you could receive training in skills that assist in both your work and personal lives.

Key Benefits

Work on a casual employment contract

Choose your activities


Competitive income


Advanced verbal communication training


Advanced integration skills (government organisations)

As a trained instructor, you will support activities such as;

  • Human interactive training
  • Emotional role-plays
  • Military and law enforcement training
  • Foreign national interaction
  • Hostile and extreme individuals

And much more!

What does it take to be a Specialist Instructor?

We look for potential and abilities in people. While your qualifications and employment history are always important, these are generally not how we select our people.

To become a qualified Specialist Instructor you must achieve the following;

  1. Complete the application on our website (https://application.vtg.nz)
  2. Attend a VTG Specialist Instructor Selection (1 day)
  3. Complete the VTG Specialist Instructor course (5 days)

Once qualified, there are several exciting additional qualifications that are available allowing you to progress in both skills and salary.

Are there training costs involved?

We recognise talent when we see it and the last thing we want is to lose potential, because of cost.

To apply – it’s completely free!

If your application is accepted you be eligible to attend our selection which has a small administration fee associated.

What is the Eligibility Criteria?

Please review the following before applying;

  • Must be over the age of 16.
  • Must be eligible for employment within NZ.
  • Must speak fluent English.
  • Be able to pass background checks. (Serious offences etc.)
  • Consent to drug testing.
  • Preferably not in a full time contract.
  • Willing to travel.

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