Tailored for you. Don’t settle for anything less.

Our Human Interaction Series are Defence, Government or Corporate ready.

The robust VTG training model means we can easily customise our Courses & Workshops to work with your timeframe and candidate levels.

If our existing framework doesn’t quite suit, our Role players are ready to step in to fill the gap.

VTG are pleased to present our new range of Human Interaction Series and workshops.

VTG prides themselves on providing a unique, realistic and comprehensive training experience

To provide gold standard outputs and most comprehensive training, the VTG team draws on their wide corporate and defence experiences to offer learning solutions and experiences tailored to meet your current and future requirements

Resilience Techniques

NEO, HADR, MRE, BHE, COIN and AMU evacuation role play scenarios

Operational use of interpreters

Language and culture packages

Role-player training and using proxemics

The Questioning Environment (Level I, II, III)

Medical moulage & First Aid Training

Security penetration (detention scenario role-players for arrest and MWD's)

Hostage survival skills and resistance to exploitation

Preparing for, avoiding and coping with Freight Government Detention

Human Interaction Series

Including but not limited to:

  • The questioning environment (levels I.II and III questioning techniques training),
  • Language and Culture courses (academic and practical, including hosted meals),
  • Interviewing Corporate (recruitment, performance and disciplinary interviews etc),
  • Interviewing Intelligence (basic and advanced),
  • Resilience building (tailored to the workplace),
  • Understanding Proxemics and Non-Verbal Communication,
  • Rapport building and Active listening training,

Operational Skill Series

Including but not limited to:

  • Medical moulage scenarios,
  • Use of interpreters (three standard packages 1.5, 2.5 or 4hour packages),
  • Hostile Environment Awareness Training (including coping with hostage situations and detention by foreign agencies),
  • Emergency Services Command and Control
  • First Aid packages,
  • Understanding tactical environments
  • Understanding network development

Executive Scenarios

Wholly tailored, previous examples include but not limited to:

  • United Nations Key Leadership Engagements (KLE)
  • Opposed arrest and detention scenarios,
  • Extended period role plays e.g., 14 members for 2 week civilian population scenario,
  • Crowd, protest and riot situations,
  • Military Opposing Force (OPFOR) scenario (conventional, contemporary and hybrid)

All courses are completely Customisable, and can be shorter workshops or longer courses

VTG provides a carefully selected range of courses and workshops to fill key areas that are usually misunderstood or lack formal training. If these courses are not what you are after, simply contact us.


Our consultants and instructors will guide and mentor you through the process of how to plan and execute an interview to maximise information gained.

Cultural Awareness

When operating abroad or domestically, having the ability to understand the human terrain is essential to success.

Linguist Support

The key to success when talking to individuals or groups speaking in foreign tongue.

Custom Packages 

VTG will develop a package which meets your brief & provide you with expert advice to guide your design process.

This carefully selected range of services will permit organisations the flexibility to supplement, or totally replace existing in-house processes.

Outsourcing your training to specialists like us, will allow us to practice our craft, while leaving you to focus on your other goals.