Hostage Training & Planning Process

To provide the best possible training, VTG will ask to conduct a face-to-face consultation where several topics will be discussed. These range from information about the clients and organisation, to locations and intended travel plans. There may be additional questions that could touch on sensitive company information.

We always maintain the highest confidentiality and will treat our clients’ information with extreme care. Furthermore, VTG are happy to discuss any non-disclosure processes which we can facilitate with all VTG staff prior to any contractual agreements.

Once we have all the information required, we will spend time researching and developing our package before creating a formal proposal. Once or proposal is accepted our staff will provide the client with a range of dates that can be mutually agreed upon.

These training options will likely use the clients’ locations for any theoretical training. Alternately, we aim to be in office located in Hamilton where students can take advantage of the businesses facilities. Either option will be available to the client.

For any training that includes practical scenarios (hostage and captured personnel), there will be a requirement for students to use the business facilities which would be split between Hamilton and a rural location nearby. Practical training scenarios will take place under controlled conditions usually at locations approved by VTG to ensure legal and safety compliance is achieved. All facilities will replicate the hostile themes that the scenarios are designed to portray. To keep with the aim of quality training; realistic props and equipment will be used. This will include replica weapons, uniforms and cultural outfits that will suit the training environment.

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