Custom Packages

If our current courses or workshops do not suit your requirements, VTG can design a custom course to fulfil your needs. Simply contact us to discuss your training with one of our expert consultants.

We will work alongside you to develop a package which meets your necessities or provide you with expert advice to guide your design process

Workshops are designed to complement our courses, and are generally half day or more.

Courses are generally longer, spread over multiple days.

Role Player Samples

Atmospheric role Interviews & interrogation FX Artist & moulage make-up provide
  Limited engagement roles Able to meet all roles Interactive vs unconscious casualties
  Civilian population backgrounds, customers Engage fully, understand applying pressure, questioning & negotiation All age groups & genders, specific requests such as Amputees
HRVS scenarios, rioters, guards, villagers, non-technical talking roles KLE’s, HUMINT source, Customs interviewers Remote sites and vehicle accidents

Interview your employees – Ideal for Corporate and Government Workshop. This fundamentally, but crucially undervalued skill is our specialist area.


Human Interactive Samples




Live or Video-conferencing

Instructor and role-player team

Instructor and role-player team, set fees available,


Regional religious & cultural instructors

Pre-set contract packages available – 2hr, 4hr and 6-8hr training packages available

Psychologist option available,


Pre-set contract packages available

Planned and bystander scenario options

De-escalation training,


Language Smart-cards and booklets,

Fully adaptive scenarios based on client needs.

Half day of interactive classroom work with half day of practical exercises (assessed or non-assessed).


Cultural meals available*

Instructor and role-player team,

Instructor and role-player team, set fees available,






Defence, Government and Corporate Workshops

The name says it all – Without it, all that travel could be for nothing.  Engage on our Cultural Awareness course, and learn tried and tested methods to get the most from you campaign.


Defence, Government and Corporate Workshops

Don’t get messages mixed! Relying on another to interpret and deliver your message is a massive undertaking. But what if you could learn some essential tools of the trade to prevent potential disaster and maximize your time.


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